FDA-Approved And Innovative Depression Treatment Tarzana

West Coast TMS Institute is a specialist when it comes to depression treatment. Tarzana patients have received relief from TMS, officially labeled Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has cleared TMS to treat patients with clinical depression. TMS treats the brain’s mood-controlling prefrontal cortex in a non-invasive manner by stimulating the region to promote relief from depression. TMS does not introduce any medication, nor does it involve any surgical procedures; it may be effective for patients who do not benefit from medication or who experience unbearable medication side effects.

With TMS, Tarzana Patients Receive:

■  Effective Treatment

  • West Coast TMS Institute has used TMS treatment with patients suffering from major depression and successful outcomes have been achieved. These outcomes experience significant improvement if the treatment is tailored to the patient.
  • TMS is unique because it has no effect on daily activities. During treatment, patients are alert and maintain control, with some choosing to watch TV or chat with staff. Patients may drive home following their appointments and their walking or cognitive abilities will not be affected.

■  Drug-Free Treatment

  • Since TMS does not require the use of drugs, it is a consideration for patients who want to avoid exposure to their babies during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If depression medication has unwanted side effects that are difficult to control, TMS may be recommended.

■  Mild Profile of Side Effects

  • The most common side effects of TMS therapy are scalp discomfort, facial discomfort, and headaches. When compared to medication side effects, these are mild. TMS side effects are usually experienced when treatment begins and typically subside if non-prescription medicine is taken for pain.

West Coast TMS Institute Provides:

■  Affordable, Convenient Access— Our commitment is to high quality TMS care at reasonable prices – just ask our staff for details. Located in the central San Fernando Valley, where the 101 and 405 freeways intersect West Coast TMS Institute is simply a short trip from Tarzana. Patients enjoy free on-street parking and low-fee parking in the building.

■  Accommodating Scheduling— We offer convenient office hours, enabling us to fit into your busy schedule. We try to schedule your appointments around your life, whether it is according to your work hours or in the middle of the day.

■  Caring Team with Expert Skills— Our team focuses on providing the highest quality of treatment to exceed patient expectations. With a focus on recovery, we are always looking out for you.

■  Outstanding Leadership Backed by Clinical Excellence— Medical director of The West Coast TMS Institute, Dr. Kira Stein, MD, has been practicing medicine for more than a decade.  A graduate of the UCLA psychiatric residency program at the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Dr. Stein went on to complete TMS programs at the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation at the renowned Harvard Medical School and at Duke University School of Medicine.   Among Tarzana area psychiatrists who have received board certification, Dr. Stein is unique, having undergone extensive training and engaging in practical experience with general adult male and female psychiatry and pharmacology, reproductive psychiatry, and the use of TMS.  Further, Dr. Stein has been a co-investigator of TMS research conducted at UCLA.

■  Novel Technology— The NeuroStar TMS Therapy© System is novel because it is the first TMS therapy device in the U.S. market to receive FDA clearance.

■  Results-Centered Approach— Our focus on improving patient conditions leads us to focus on patient needs. Team-based staff provide the highest level of support and care.

Patients Who Visit West Coast TMS Institute Receive:

  • Affordable TMS option
  • Complete Psychiatric Evaluation Featuring In-Depth Analysis— Patients vary in terms of biological makeup and emotional needs, so TMS therapy may not always be the answer. To render an accurate diagnosis and recommend treatments that have the highest likelihood of being effective, we conduct a detailed psychiatric evaluation.
  • Caring Staff with a High Level of Patient Devotion— Members of our staff have many achievements to their names but this does not prevent them from being compassionate and empathetic when dealing with patients. We realize that our professional reputation and success depend upon the experience and results of each patient. Each of our staff members is experienced with TMS and director Dr. Stein combines this non-invasive depression treatment with years of medical expertise.
  • Time Sensitivity— Your time and ours are equally valuable so we schedule treatments to reduce waiting. This allows enough time for successful treatments and enables us to attend to patient needs.

For Other Services Including Treatment for Attention Deficit, Tarzana Patients Rely on our doctors who are also affiliated with The West Coast Life Center.  West Coast TMS Institute offers several other services including treatment for attention deficit. Tarzana patients may benefit from these services:

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety therapy without drugs
  • Mood swing disorder treatment that is non-invasive
  • Drug-free stress treatment