FDA-Cleared Alternative Depression Treatment Encino

West Coast TMS Institute specializes in integrative and alternative approaches to depression treatment. Encino residents may experience relief with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, commonly called TMS. The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has cleared this alternative method of treating clinical depression, which is non-invasive and treats the prefrontal cortex, the brain region that controls mood. TMS stimulates this area to promote depression relief. It does not involve surgery or medication and is suitable for patients who have difficulty dealing with medication side effects or who fail to respond adequately to antidepressants.

Why Select TMS, Encino Residents:

■  When considering  TMS, Encino residents should note that:

  • TMS is an Effective Treatment
    • For patients with major depression, West Coast TMS Institute experiences has improved outcomes when treatment is customized to patients.
    • Minimal interference on daily life makes TMS different from most treatments. Patients are in control and awake throughout treatment and may choose to talk, read, or enjoy a television show. They can drive home after their appointments without impairments related to walking or cognition.
  • TMS Does Not Require Drugs
    • If medications are not effective or undesired, Patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant can use TMS therapy because the treatment itself is drug-free. TMS is also appropriate for patients who experience uncomfortable side effects when taking depression medication.
    • Mild TMS Side Effect Profile vs. Medications
    • Scalp or facial discomfort or headaches experienced during TMS treatment are usually mild and lessen over time. If necessary, over-the-counter medications typically provides relief.

■  Features of The West Coast TMS Institute:

  • Unusually affordable TMS Services— We are pleased to offer TMS treatments that are extremely affordable, up-front, taking the guess work out of the process for our patients.
  • Convenient Facility— West Coast TMS Institute is situated in the beautiful San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles County within California. Our facility is at the 101 and the 405 freeway intersection in Sherman Oaks, an easy drive from Encino. Since the center is removed from the traffic of Ventura Boulevard, the drive is easy. Patients can park for free on the street or pay a reasonable fee for building parking.
  • Scheduling that is Flexible— Convenient scheduling options enable us to accommodate various preferences including the ability to schedule appointments during, before, or after, work.
  • Expert Team with a Caring Nature— Our team offers high-quality treatment that meets the needs of patients and focuses on recovery.
  • Clinically Excellent, Outstanding Leadership— Dr. Kira Stein, MD, serves as the West Coast TMS Institute medical director and brings over a decade of psychiatric experience and skill to the center.   Dr. Stein graduated from, and is a teaching faculty member of, the world-renowned Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital and Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior residency program at UCLA. She has been a co-investigator in TMS clinical research, and thus remains at the vanguard of TMS care and knowledge. Dr. Stein also completed the TMS program at the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation of Harvard Medical School and a visiting TMS fellowship at Duke University.  Further, Dr. Stein is uniquely qualified as an Encino area board-certified psychiatrist due to having extensive training and practical experience in TMS, reproductive psychiatry, and general adult patient psychiatry and pharmacology for both men and women.
  • Leading Technology— We use an innovative device called the NeuroStar TMS Therapy© System. This is the first device for TMS treatment approved by the FDA.
  • Concentrating on Results— Helping our patients to improve their condition is our focus and as such, we place high priority on meeting patient needs. Staff members take a team approach that allows them to provide excellent support and care.

■  When Choosing West Coast TMS Institute, You Get:

  • In-Depth, Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation— Biological traits and emotional needs of patients vary. We conduct a complete psychiatric evaluation with the goal of diagnosis and a treatment plan that considers TMS and other alternatives.
  • Caring Staff Committed to Patients— Our professional staff members are empathic and compassionate. Patient experiences and results dictate our level of success and our professional reputation. Every staff member has knowledge of TMS and Dr. Stein combines proven medical expertise with novel, non-invasive treatment for depression.
  • Respect for Your Time—Time is precious so appointments are planned to minimize waiting time, eliminating waiting periods whenever possible. By taking this approach, we create a relaxing and caring environment characterized by attention to patient needs and sufficient time for effective treatments.

Treatment for Attention Deficit Encino Residents Desire and Other Services:

Our doctors also work at the West Coast Life Center, whish  provides both traditional and integrative medical services for patients suffering from attention deficit. Encino ADD and ADHD patients, who often suffer from depression can also benefit from our novel approaches to treatment. Other services include:

  • Drug-free anxiety therapy using TMS and CES (Cranial electrotherapy stimulation)
  • Innovative stress treatment
  • Non-invasive mood swing disorder treatment