LA Times Addresses Depression in Los Angeles

Depression in Los AngelesDEPRESSION IN LOS ANGELES

According to a new report issued by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, nearly 14 percent of adults across the country report that in their lifetime they have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder. This is an increase of almost 50 percent from the nine percent who reported having a depressive disorder in 1999.

Although the increase is significant, health department officials note that the higher number of reports most likely reflects a greater awareness about depression, and not necessarily an actual increase in the number of people who suffer from depressive disorders.

Depression is a serious clinical illness that interferes with a person’s ability to function, and it can last for weeks, months or even years. Depression in Los Angeles, like in other areas of the country, places a serious burden on the health and well being of society.

Several other key findings from the report about depression in Los Angeles include:

  • Rates of depression in Los Angeles increased across all racial and ethnic groups, but Asians and Pacific Islanders consistently reported the lowest rates. However, this may only point to a lower recognition of depression within this ethnic group.
  • Depression in Los Angeles is incongruous between sexes, with women in LA County reporting higher rates of depression diagnoses than men. While both genders saw increases; it was greater for women (11 to 17 percent) than for men (7 to 10 percent).
  • Other chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, often co-occur with depressive disorders. Depression in Los Angeles is also sometimes linked to risky health behaviors, such as heavy drinking and smoking.

The report highlighted various ways that healthcare providers, families, friends, and even elected officials and businesses can help address those suffering from depression in Los Angeles. Some of its suggestions include:

  • Having culturally sensitive mental healthcare and linguistically diverse services available to the community suffering from depression in Los Angeles County.
  • Promoting a stigma-free work environment.
  • Advocating for treatment and insurance reimbursement guaranteeing equal coverage of physical and mental health conditions, including depression, in Los Angeles.
  • Providing emotional support to friends and family suffering from a depressive disorder.

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