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NIMH · Five Major Mental Disorders Share Genetic Roots

See on – West Coast TMS Institute Five major mental disorders share some of the same genetic risk factors, the largest genome-wide study of its kind has found. WestCoastTMS‘s insight: This is amazing information that brings us closer to truly understanding the basis of psychiatric illness and to finding more specific therapeutic approaches. See …Read The Rest Of This Entry »


Psychiatry Needs to be Holistic and Comprehensive So often we see opposing “parties” in a scientific field argue over something that is very obvious.  A recent article on how psychiatry has become brain-focused argues that  psychiatry is more and more forgetting the all-important and immeasurable psyche, soul, or spirit of people.  I certainly  hope not! …Read The Rest Of This Entry »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Suicide Prevention | Psychalive

See on – West Coast TMS Institute In Honor of Suicide Prevention Day, take a look at this post by PsychAlive, which briefly discusses the dos and dont’s of how to deal with someone who is suicidal: When you are assisting someone who you feel may be suicidal, there are certain things you should …Read The Rest Of This Entry »

How To Encourage Learning By Making

“Avoiding mistakes is impossible. But what if we accept that risk is inevitable and focus on making smart mistakes instead?”   See on

Oxytocin improves brain function in children with autism

Preliminary results from an ongoing, large-scale study shows that oxytocin — a naturally occurring substance produced in the brain and throughout the body — increased brain function in regions that are known to process social information in… See on