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Common and Alternative Interventions for Depression

Hippocrates was the first to describe melancholia, what we now know as depression, as a distinct disease having particular physical and mental symptoms. In the 17th century, English scholar Robert Burton recommended treatment consisting of a healthy diet, meaningful work, music, sleep, and discussion of the issue with a friend. Modern interventions for depression have …Read The Rest Of This Entry »

Overcoming Obstacles to Getting Depression Help

Obstacles to Getting Depression Help The more discouraging aspects of dealing with depression are the obstacles people must face as they try to take the next step in their treatment. Crossing the threshold to actually seeking outside depression help is a very large step, and one that deters many from seeking the assistance they need. …Read The Rest Of This Entry »

Depression Treatment: Improving the Lives of Patients

When I first began my position at the West Coast TMS Institute as a Technician, I hoped that I would have the opportunity to witness chronically depressed patients benefit from this new treatment approach. After only a few months on the job, I’m pleased to report that I have seen firsthand the positive improvements that …Read The Rest Of This Entry »